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What is DMCY?
"Donate Money For Charity By Yourself".

Don't believe any expert, analyst, online information etc. about DMCY. If anyone saying more apart from our site then it is simply void. Everything what DMCY is infront of you. We are simply helping people by changing the rule of present financial system. DMCY is running in many countries since many years and faced a lot obstacles in its way. DMCY is commited to continue its journey. In DMCY one can earn 100% per month and can change many people's life too. "Growth fluctuates from time to time" Thousnads of people got benefited from this platform. Join DMCY by helping motive because help is important in everyones life.

What We Stand For?

Our Mission

Make the people more productive & financially strong by introducing Smart Concept for every Individuals to succeed in your mission.

Our Vision

Smart strategies for the long term benefits with small start. Get the control of your finances with better future.


Exciting Long term & short term benefits on your association with us. Get the advantage by helping people.


We will be guided by the highest standards of ethical business conduct and by this simple principle : Do the right thing.

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We never stop. Your Way, Right Away.

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We are always with you. Involve with us for lifelong benefits.

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24/7 service. You are always our first and foremost priority.

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Security is everyone’s concern, but it’s our business.

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Latest News

Dear members , DMCY wishes all its members a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead..2019.. Long live DMCY
Dear Members, As per your e-mails received by DMCY about blocking of ID's within 8 days should not be implemented,cause of which DMCY decided not to block ID's those are not yet 50% committed. At the same time DMCY suggest you to commit and introduce new donors voluntarily,so that DMCY will able to complete the previous withdrawal needs.DMCY is a helping plan and always stands with the members.GOOD LUCK .... LONG LIVE DMCY...
Dear members As per DMCY'S news on dated 04/10/2018, where DMCY stated its new policy according to the e-mails recieved from the members and leaders respectively. Where 50% of the commitment value mendatory was your approach to DMCY and with due respect DMCY followed the same by going apart from the policy and system of DMCY. Now again e-mails are coming to DMCY regarding the I NEED . It is for your information that maximum members had not yet re-donated their 50% of commitment value. As a result of which this delay of I NEED is taking place. Hence DMCY had decided to give 8 days of time from today onwards for old ID'S re-donation and if not completed within the stipulated time then DMCY will abolish all those ID'S there after. New donors will be given first preference that is maturity on 14 days. Those who had redonated or will donate their 50% of the commitment value will be in safe side and will get their maturity according to the surplus policy of DMCY. No e-mails from now onwards will be entertained regarding I NEED links. GOOD LUCK.. LONG LIVE DMCY..
Due to festive season,network is not properly supporting DMCY site.DMCY members need not to worry about it and will run smoothly soon... LONG LIVE DMCY....
DMCY wishes all the members a very happy and prosperous DIWALI. May this DIWALI bring financial prosperity,good health,and lots of joy in your life. LONG LIVE DMCY.....
Dear Members , DMCY is giving time upto 31/10/18 for those members who have already committed but not donated.After that their IDs will be blocked by DMCY and will never open again.Take this message seriously.No e-mails request regarding block IDs will be entertained there after.GOOD LUCK.. LONG LIVE DMCY....
Dear Members , DMCY had solved the technical issue regarding the I NEED of many ID's and you can go for I NEED from now onwards. At the same time DMCY decided to open the panel of introducing new donor with the condition that, when a sponsor introduce donor in DMCY, he/she as complete the donation process and get ID approved, then only the sponsor will be able to introduce another donor. Failing of which 40% of donation will be deducted from the wallet of specific sponsor's ID. 50% donation will continue for existing members untill they clean up their old wallet. For new donors this condition will be not applicable from 29/10/2018 onwards GOOD LUCK.... LONG LIVE DMCY...
This is here to inform you that,due to some technical issues DMCY is unable to make I NEED request of existing IDs and members those completed 30 days too.DMCY is working on this issue and will be solved very soon.No need to get panic DMCY is always trustworthy with its members. LONG LIVE DMCY.....
Dear Members DMCY decided to stop new joining for the time being because of false commitments which causing troublesome for our DMCY genuine members.DMCY is trying utmost to serve you the best.... Long live DMCY..
Dear Members , You can donate your 50/.by redonet through link from your IDs.No need to create new ID from existing ID.DMCY made it easier for you all to activate your IDs